Change to "Business Expense Reimbursement - Foreign Individual" Vendor Type

February 16, 2017

The active period for the “Business Expense Reimbursement – Foreign Individual” vendor type has been extended from 30 days to 90 days. This change is intended to accommodate multiple business expense reimbursements that may take place over several weeks, such as expenses for a job candidate traveling to campus for multiple interviews. As before, this vendor type can only be used for payees receiving business expense reimbursements ONLY and who have not received income payments (salary, fellowship, honoraria, etc.) from Harvard in the past.


Business Expense Reimbursements (”BER”) to Foreign Individuals

November 17, 2016

An Oracle enhancement for the vendor type “Business Expense Reimbursements (”BER”) to Foreign Individuals” will now allow administrators to better identify if GLACIER will be necessary for existing payment recipients found in the Oracle vendor database. Once a new vendor is approved with a “BER Foreign Individual” vendor type, it will be designated in the vendor database as “BER- Foreign Individual” for 30 days.

GLACIER - Adding the Foreign Individual's E-mail for New Site/Reactivation Vendor Requests

October 16, 2014

Because of the large number of new site/reactivation vendor requests, we request that you provide the foreign individual’s e-mail address in the Note to CRT text box (as shown below) when you create a new site request or reactivate a vendor who is a foreign individual. Doing this will minimize delays and/or follow-ups in getting the foreign individual’s e-mail address.

Changes to the Oracle Vendor Request Form for GLACIER

June 12, 2014

In the June 22nd FINDINI release, the Vendor Request Form now requires the E-mail and Visa Type fields when a Vendor Type of “Individual – Non US Citizen” is selected.   When completing the Visa Type field, processors should enter “NA - Not Applicable” when it is not clear as to individual’s visa type.   If the individual is not entering the US to receive payment, processors should select “NE – No Entry.”  For example, you would use “NE” when paying travel expenses to …