ABLE Website to be Decommissioned and Content Moved to Other Sites

January 11, 2018

News Worth Repeating:

After 18 years of service, the ABLE website will be decommissioned in January. Content from ABLE can now be found on the Harvard Training Portal and the Financial Administration Resources page.

In 1999 very few of Harvard’s Financial Administration units had their own websites, so ABLE was introduced to centrally host the training documents related to administrative systems that were managed by various departments. Over the years, most of the content that had been hosted on ABLE moved several times, while links remained to point people to the new locations of those documents.

With the introduction of the Harvard Training Portal in 2016, the ABLE website became redundant. The vast majority of items from ABLE can now be found on the Portal and most of the remaining items were links to documents on various Financial Administration pages. Given that, the decision was made to move the last few documents off of ABLE and finally retire the ABLE site.

For users who currently go to ABLE to find work instructions, job aids, or tutorials on how to use Harvard’s administrative systems, that content can be found at the Harvard Training Portal.

For users who currently go to ABLE to get financial forms, month end closing schedules, or fringe rates, that content can be found at the FAD Resources page or on the website of the Office of the Controller Service Unit that manages those documents.

Documents and forms related to Travel and Reimbursement, Procurement, or Financial Policy had been moved to the applicable departmental websites previously and will continue to be available there.

Once the decommissioning is complete, the ABLE site will be replaced with a landing page that will provide links to let people know where the content is now located.