Updates - February 2014

February 26, 2014
Dear Colleagues,
Administrative Systems News, aka eNews, is currently undergoing a redesign for March 2014. This publication will now be managed by the Center for Workplace Development. eNews archives are still available and can be accessed at
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Now live, AdobeSign for TSM!

July 15, 2021
  • "What”: An eSignature mechanism is now available to suppliers in Supplier Portal.
  • “When”: Beginning Monday 7/19
  • “Where”: TSM, also known as Harvard’s Supplier Portal
  • “Why”: This improves the efficiency of supplier W-9 & W-8 tax form submissions by allowing for a paperless, electronic signature - no need to print or scan.... Read more about Now live, AdobeSign for TSM!

PeopleSoft Updates

July 15, 2021

Position Tracking & Reporting Changes

Two new pages have been added to the Position History tile to make it easier to find information tied to approved position changes:

  • The ‘Position Job Description’ page shows the history of job descriptions for all approved requests.
  • The 'Position Notes & Attachments' page shows the history of notes and attachments for all approved requests.... Read more about PeopleSoft Updates

GL-PCR Tool is LIVE!

July 15, 2021

What is the GL-PCR Tool: The General Ledger Posted Cost Redistribution “GL-PCR” is a menu option under the Journals category inside of Oracle General Ledger for salary adjustments that substitutes for standard manual or ADI journal uploads for all FY22 salary transactions. This tool was developed to support the Position Tracking and Reporting.... Read more about GL-PCR Tool is LIVE!

Important FY23-27 Multi-Year Capital Plan (MYCP) Dates

July 15, 2021
  • Mid-July: FY23-27 Capital Planning Process Guidelines will be available on the CAPS website.
  • August 16: Retirement of deferred maintenance data through June 30, 2021 should be reflected in VFA.facility tool.
  • September 1: deadline to submit FY23-27 capital plan in CPATH.
    • Capital plan narratives and any material changes to the MYCP after September 1 should be submitted to CAPS no later than Friday, October 8th
  • December 6: Corporation will review the MYCP.

FY22 Capital Spending Plan (CSP)

July 15, 2021

The FY22 CSP is available in CPATH. It will not be considered “Corporation Authorized”, but instead is designated as “Preliminary FY22 CSP”, until authorized by the Corporation in late September.

Requests for approval received during the summer will be delegated to the Provost and Executive Vice President (EVP), acting jointly and in consultation with the President and with departments within Central Administration (CADM).

Travel Guidance Effective July 1 and Reimbursement Requirements

July 15, 2021

Earlier this month, the CDC changed its COVID rating levels for several countries and updated its guidance for Level 3 countries from “avoid nonessential travel to these countries” to “make sure you are fully vaccinated before traveling to these countries.”

Following this guidance, Harvard has updated its own travel guidance: For travel beginning July 1 or later, Harvard-affiliated persons who are fully vaccinated may engage in Harvard-related travel, without a petition, to countries rated Level 1, 2, or 3 for COVID by the CDC.... Read more about Travel Guidance Effective July 1 and Reimbursement Requirements