FINDINI 4.0.16 Release - Upcoming November System Outages for Oracle Financials Systems this Weekend

November 14, 2019

The Fall 2019 FINDINI 4.0.16 release will be available to users on Monday November 18, 2019.

Short Summary: The focus during this release timeline continues to be with our collaboration, development, testing, and rollout for our next phase of the ITCRB project, Buy-to-Pay, which will be delivered to Production in the Spring of 2020. We have worked on several new CAPs enhancements during this release timeline that have already been delivered to Production. We have also been working on the new individual digital disbursement payment process during this release timeline, and that has been delivered to Production. In addition, within FINDINI 4.0.16, we are addressing the standard security and compliance software and database patching to keep EBS, CPATH, and our automated testing platform OATS, up to date with many industry security regulations and requirements.

Oracle Financials Outage: 6:00pm on Friday, November 15th until 7:00am on Monday, November 18th to accommodate the installation of this release. CPATH (Capital Planning at Harvard) will also be offline during this outage window as CPATH is also having a release during this weekend.

Please refer to the following attachements for the complete details of the upcoming FINDINI Release.


FINDINI 4.0.16 Release Details57 KB
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