HUBS News: An Enhancement and Outage Information

March 16, 2017


Each year the Q2 Forecast and Budget-Final data is pushed to Harvard’s Data Warehouse (HDW), around March and June, respectively.  The data is sent by month for each account string and it has been rounded to the nearest dollar.  Now, since February 28, the data is rounded to the nearest cent.  The following table is an example of how the data for one 33 digit string could look in HUBS, and then how it would look in the HDW before and after the enhancement.  One can see in the example that the enhancement provides for more precise totals in HDW reports and queries:

HUBS Table

Oracle Financials Release, FINDINI 4.0.11, Outage Impact to HUBS

HUBS users should note the following due to the Oracle Release :

  • The CCID Validation Utility in HUBS will be limited or unavailable as follows:
    • Limited on availability on Saturday, March 18 from 12am to 12pm. Fairly new intersections will cause errors and if you should receive errors try again after 12pm.
    • The utility will be unavailable during the installation of the release:  from Friday, April 21 at 6pm to Wednesday, April 26 at 9am.
  • Users can also note that since Oracle will be unavailable from Friday, April 21 at 6pm to Wednesday, April 26 at 9am, there will be no Chart of Account updates or new Actuals forthcoming to HUBS during that time.

HUBS Outage

HUBS Release 3.9 is under development. HUBS will be unavailable during the weekend of Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21 for the installation of the release.  Stayed tuned for more details and look for the Release Notes in the HUBS Wiki space in early May:

As always please send any questions or concerns to

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