Modernization of Financial Reporting (MFR) Project Update

July 20, 2017

The MFR Project is proud to announce that we have implemented Data Access Controls (DAC) 2.0 providing the latest iteration of user security for OBI.  DAC 2.0 allows for security based both on which dashboards a user should see (content roles) and what data returns to the users (data roles).  At this time, schools are piloting the DAC 2.0 functionality to ensure it meets their security needs.

DAC 2.0 provides public, university wide, single segment, and dual segment access roles, as well as the ability to switch between multiple roles.  Single segment access is provided on Tub, Org, Fund, Activity and Root.  Dual segment access will provide security based on select two-segment combinations of the Chart of Accounts, such as Org-Fund, Tub-Fund, Org-Activity, Org-Root, or Fund-Root.  DAC 2.0 also provides the ability for a user to have multiple roles on the most commonly used financial dashboards. 

Due to this enhanced security access, the MFR Project Team has created a new form for submitting user security responsibilities within the OBI Tool.  Authorized requestors will continue to submit this form on behalf of their schools and departments through the form on the Client Services website.  To help schools manage user access, the Project Team has also created a new dashboard, OBI Data Access Control, which shows what dashboard(s) and what data a user has access to across all subject areas.  This dashboard was also released with the June release.

The MFR Project Team continues to deliver Instructor Led Training (ILT) on the OBI Financials dashboards to schools and departments.  Users can view availability through the Harvard Training Portal or the OBI Training Calendar.  Weekly webinars for each of the 19 financial dashboards are also available to users as a resource for learning more about the new dashboards.  Key dates and topics for upcoming webinars are as follows:

  • Thursday, July 27, 10 am: Disabled Impact Report
  • Thursday, August 3, 10 am: Trial Balance
  • Thursday, August 10, 10 am: Budget and Actuals Comparison
  • Thursday, August 17, 10 am:  Fund Management

More information on the webinars can be found on the OBI Training Calendar.  OBI Financials ILT will also be supported by OBI Drop-In Hours held twice a month until October, and readily accessible online simulations and job aids

Lastly, the MFR Project continues to prepare for the decommission of the CREW application and the web-based version of Interactive Reporting (IR) currently planned for November 1st.  At that time OBI will serve as the primary source for financial reporting.  Until November 1, financial reports will be available in both CREW and OBI.  There will be no changes to the desktop version of Interactive Reporting (also known as BRIO or Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio) at this time.  Users of IR/BRIO will be still be able to use the desktop version for their ad hoc reporting needs. 

If you have questions about the MFR Project, please visit the MFR Wiki or reach out to your Local Implementation Manager.