Modernization of Financial Reporting (MFR) Project Update

March 16, 2017

OBI Financials Pilot

The Project Team is designing and building the Data Access Controls (DAC) 2.0 solution which is expected to meet most of the access control requirements for each dashboard and school.  DAC 2.0 is planned to be delivered in the Production environment by the end of May for pilot users to continue testing the system with enhanced security features.  Some of the features included in the DAC 2.0 solution are dual segment security (security based on select two segments of the Chart of Account such as Org-Fund, Org-Root), the ability for a user to have multiple roles and non-contiguous segment values.  These enhanced security features will allow us to not only near the final security solution, but also expand the pilot with additional users across the schools and departments.

The Project Team is also meeting with each Engagement Council throughout the remainder of March and early April for individual Change Management sessions.  Collaboratively, the Engagement Councils and the Project Team are putting together school specific go-live plans that include testing progress, training plans and go-live dates.

Pilot User sessions, formerly known as Super User sessions, will take place through the remainder of March and April to educate pilot users on the OBI Financials dashboards.  If you are an OBI Financials Super or Pilot User and would like to participate in the sessions please reach out to your Local Implementation Manager (LIM).  Refer to the Super User Community Home page for dates and registration information.  


OBI Grants Management dashboards

The GMAS User Security dashboard remains in CREW while the Project Team and Client Services continues to review the dashboard to ensure it meets the Authorized Requestor’s annual review needs.  The OBI Grants Management dashboards are live in the Production environment and will meet the reporting needs of the Research Administration community.

There will be additional OBI Grants Management dashboard training sessions that you can attend if you have not already.  Training will now occur on a quarterly basis, in the months of May, August, and November.

For more information on the MFR Project or to understand local roll-out plans, please contact your Local Implementation Manager (LIM).