Update Your Fixed Assets for the FY20 Physical Inventory

January 16, 2020

FY20 is an inventory year and the physical inventory per the Fixed Asset policy must be complete, uploaded to Oracle Fixed Assets, and reconciled by 6/30/20.  Completing inventory is defined as physically seeing the assets that must be inventoried and either confirming or updating the asset information inside of the Oracle Fixed Assets – most notably, the exact location and whether the asset is in use.  Please refer to the inventory policy contained in the Property, Plant & Equipment policy (Section V, page 5) for inventory requirements including assets that must be inventoried and the documentation required.  If an asset is found to be no longer in use, it should be taken out of service.  If you have any further questions, there is information on the training portal or you can contact either Greg McKetchnie in FAR at FAR_Fixed_Assets@harvard.edu or Jessica McCall in OSP at Jessica.mccall@harvard.edu.  Your attention to this process is very appreciated!