Identity Management

The Identity & Access Management team will have several major releases this summer.

June 10, 2021


On June 24th, HarvardKey will get a new, streamlined sign in screen, along with updates to the Duo two-step authentication interface. This release also retires the eXtended ID (XID) service. Legacy XIDs will be migrated into the new HarvardKey Light service. To learn more, visit the Identity & Access Management website.... Read more about The Identity & Access Management team will have several major releases this summer.

Fraud Alert Reporting

May 14, 2020

Please be sensitive of attempted Business Email Compromise/Email Account Compromise (BEC/EAC) scams.

Common BEC/EAC Characteristics:

  • Targeting businesses and individuals who perform legitimate transfer of funds requests
  • An urgent need or attempt to conduct unauthorized transfer of funds or sensitive data, e.g., requesting a change in wire transfer details
  • An unexpected inquiry from a vendor looking for confirmation of orders for physical and/or branded goods, e.g., procurement fraud
  • Often sent from accounts appearing to be valid (e.g., or compromised Harvard emails

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Two Step Verification for Office 365

May 16, 2019

We are pleased to announce that two-step verification for Office365 will soon be available to protect your email, OneDrive and other Office365 resources.  This is the same security that currently protects your direct deposits and benefits through HarvardKey.

Why the change?

In the past six months, over 230 email accounts were compromised by cyber criminals, who initiated various fraudulent actions.  In most cases, the email account’s owner experienced substantial downtime.

Implementing two step verification will protect all of your Office365 data, including your email and files.

What do I need to do?

Your local IT Support organization will be reaching out to you soon; be sure to follow their instructions.  In the meantime, you can find out more information here.

Updates for the Managing Identity & Affiliation Securely (MIDAS) Application

October 13, 2016

We are excited to let you know that the MIDAS Access Request Form has been added to the online ServiceNow Self-Service Portal at   It is located within the Identity & Access Management area. 

This change means no more PDF form!  Instead, a simple online form, with just a few fields to fill in, will enable people to request access to MIDAS. We ask that you share this news (and the link) with anyone who might need to request...

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Two-step Verification Required for VPN and HarvardKey

September 15, 2016

Harvard will soon require the use of two-step verification to access many University resources and applications, including VPN. Don't wait until the deadline, activate two-step verification now:

If you use HUIT VPN services, please take the following actions before September 28: 

  1. Claim your HarvardKey if you haven’t already done so.
  2. ...
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Two-step verification will soon be required for HarvardKey

August 18, 2016

Two-step verification will become required for everyone using HarvardKey this fall. Harvard accounts are actively stolen for fraud and intelligence gathering daily. Two-step verification uses a pre-registered device in your possession, such as your smartphone, to confirm your identity when you log in with HarvardKey. That way, even if your password is stolen, cybercriminals can't get into your account without having that device as well. Two-step verification takes just a few minutes to set up, is easy to use, and in most cases requires your second step just monthly. Activate two-step...

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HarvardKey Update

June 16, 2016

On June 1st we completed the 100% Plan so that everyone in these locations has been migrated to the HarvardKey: FAS, GSAS, GSD, GSE, HDS, HSPH, RAD and SEAS.  The other schools (HBS, HKS, HLS, HMS and HSDM) are working towards moving everyone over by this summer.  Soon, the last outstanding population (Library Special Borrowers) will also be able to claim their HarvardKey.

A power tip for those who have moved over: on the HarvardKey login screen you can still enter your HUID in the Login Name field (just like you did for the old PIN page)....

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HarvardKey Keeps Rolling!

March 17, 2016

On March 16th users at the Harvard Business School became eligible to claim a HarvardKey (to replace their HUID/PIN credential). The final two populations not yet on HarvardKey (Harvard Kennedy School and Library Special Borrowers) will be able to claim later this year. Fourteen Central Administration groups and the Harvard Divinity School went through the deadline process in February and are now at 100% claimed. Other schools that were involved in last summer’s security breach will also have a claiming deadline this spring.  An important note for HR professionals, the ‘Onboarding...

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Claim Your HarvardKey before your HUID/PIN Login Expires

January 21, 2016
HarvardKey is the University’s new unified credential for accessing your desktop, email, and most University applications and online resources with a single, convenient login name and password. HarvardKey also offers an easy-to-use self-service portal for managing your account, giving you full control to change your password and update your recovery information in case you forget your login details. HarvardKey also provides optional two-step verification to keep your data, and the sensitive data you manage, even more secure.
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HarvardKey Rollout Gives Another 50,000 Users Access to New Unified Login Credential

November 19, 2015

HarvardKey is here! Following the HUIT Identity & Access Management program’s successful release Nov. 12, users in FAS, Central Admin, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Design, the Divinity School, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are now able to claim a HarvardKey account to gain access to the University applications and services they use every day.

And this includes you! If you haven’t yet claimed your HarvardKey, do so today by visiting ...

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