Chart of Accounts

New Overview of Harvard University Finances Course at CWD

May 16, 2019

A new Overview of Harvard University Finances course is being introduced at CWD on June 20. This course is designed to give a better understanding of Harvard’s financial model, including (1) the University’s revenue and expenditures mix; (2) how our Schools and units interact on a financial level, and (3) how national trends and external forces on higher education are impacting Harvard. The ultimate goal of this course is to equip University citizens with a broad financial and economic context to be good stewards of Harvard’s resources.

The course will be taught by representatives from Harvard’s Office of Financial Strategy and Planning and will be offered on a quarterly basis. Click here to register for Overview of Harvard University Finances.

As part of the rollout of this new course, the existing Understanding the Harvard Chart of Accounts class will be transitioning to a more streamlined, online course beginning in June. The new online CoA course is currently being developed by CWD in partnership with Harvard’s Financial Accounting and Reporting team.