Who gets the e-News

Who gets the e-News, and why?

The e-News, including all back issues and an index by topic, is available to anyone with internet access at https://admin-enews.eureka.harvard.edu/. No subscription or password is needed.

When each issue is published, a notification email is sent to all current users of the Harvard University financial, human resources, grants management, and reporting systems. Because there are roughly 10,000 users of these systems and the list of users changes constantly, we do not maintain a manual subscription list. Instead, the eNews distribution list is automatically generated on a weekly basis from the current list of authorized system users. The email addresses that are used are pulled from the HUID system.

There is no way to “unsubscribe” from the eNews without terminating your access to all of the Oracle, PeopleSoft (at amanager/administrator level or higher), GMAS (Grants Management Application Suite), and HART (Harvard Analytics and Reporting Tool) systems.  If you would like to obtain or terminate access to one or more of these applications, please contact your unit’s Authorized Requestor (AR). Please find your Authorized Requestor for your Tub at: https://huit.harvard.edu/pages/authorized-requestors.