Who gets the e-News

Who gets the e-News, and why?
The e-News, including all back issues and an index by topic, is available to anyone with internet access at: http://vpf-web.harvard.edu/training/enews.html. No subscription or password is needed.

When each issue is published, a notification email is sent to all current users of the Harvard University financial, human resources, sponsored and reporting administrative systems. Because there are over 5,000 users and the list of users changes constantly, we do not maintain a manual subscription list. Instead, the eNews "listproc" is compiled and maintained in an automated fashion in which the list is refreshed weekly from the list of authorized system users. This "sweep" picks up all new users, drops all disabled or terminated users, and eliminates duplicate addresses from the listproc. The email addresses that are used are pulled from the HUID system, which is fed by the UIS Telecommunications Directory.

Who receives the e-News email notification, and how can this be changed?      
Anyone who has access to one or more of the applications listed receives the e-News email notification:

  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • GMAS (Grants Management Application Suite)
  • OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence)

If you would like to obtain or terminate access to one or more of these applications, please contact your unit’s Authorized Requestor (AR). Please find your Authorized Requestor for your Tub at: https://huit.harvard.edu/pages/authorized-requestors

If you are an Authorized Requestor, see the AR Instructions column in the table to direct security requests to the appropriate location:

Application AR Instructions
Oracle Requests sent to:
PeopleSoft Requests sent to:
(Grants Management Application Suite)
Requests sent to:
OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence) The Harvard Data Warehouse (HDW) and OBI application inherit user security from these three applications (Oracle, Peoplesoft, GMAS).  Please follow the instructions to obtain or terminate HDW and/or OBI access.  For Student Financial Reporting access please follow the Oracle instructions.

Note:  There is no way to “unsubscribe” from the e-News unless you terminate your access to all of these applications: Oracle, PeopleSoft, GMAS and OBI.  If your access is crucial to the role you play at Harvard, your access to the application(s) cannot be terminated and you will continue to receive the e-News.