General Ledger

Oracle ADI Users

February 26, 2015

A patch was recently applied to Oracle which resolved the General Ledger ADI Journal upload issue.  The upload issue caused more lines to be imported than were on the original spreadsheet.  Please inform the help desk ( if you experience any issue with Oracle ADI.

To assist users with ADI, a new program has been developed to email an attachment of the output file.  Users will no longer have to go into the General Ledger to read the Journal Import Execution Report.  Users will continue to...

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Verifying ADI Journal Worksheet Uploads in Oracle

October 16, 2014

Some users are still having issues when uploading their ADI spreadsheets to the Oracle GL.  These issues may occur when ADI journals having more lines than the original spreadsheet are imported to the GL.  FSS is currently working with the Oracle Vendor to potentially add software patches to address these issues.  As a best practice, we strongly recommend that users always log into Oracle GL and check that their entries match the desired line counts and debit/credits after each ADI submission.  Taking this precaution can save time in...

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General Ledger/ADI

March 13, 2014

The General Ledger/ADI Journal upload issue does not yet have a working solution. The Oracle Team will continue to work on this issue. Please send any questions regarding this issue to the HUIT Support Center, (617) 496-2001, or via email.

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