Position Tracking and Reporting (PTR)

Position Tracking Status and Enhancements

December 12, 2019

On Friday, November 22nd new position tracking functionality and enhancements were introduced including:

PeopleSoft Position Form Enhancements:

  • Display preparer name and submit date/time when viewing, editing or approving a position
  • Modified summary of changes so it includes all proposed changes after being saved, pushed back or cancelled
  • Modified reports to and dotted line reports field to include incumbent name in the search field and results grid and to only show active positions
  • Added lookup...
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Position Tracking Status and Enhancements

November 14, 2019

We are a little over a month live with the first major phase of Position Tracking and Reporting. A HUGE thank you to those of you in the schools and units that have put so much effort into making this transition as smooth as possible. Since we have been live, you have collectively processed over 1,300 position requests. Your partnership and patience has been greatly appreciated by the team.

On Friday, November 1st we introduced new position history functionality. All position tracking users now have access to a position history tile which allows them to view the history of all incumbents and of all approved changes for a given position. Additional details on this tile may be found in our updated “Viewing, Preparing and Approving a Position” job aid on the Harvard Training Portal.... Read more about Position Tracking Status and Enhancements

Modification to PeopleSoft Payline Transaction Form

November 14, 2019

The description for one of the two Costing Options on the Payline Transaction Form is being updated in advance of the future implementation of costing at the position level. The description “Use Appt Level Costing” is being changed to “Use Existing Costing”. There is no change to how the form functions as a result of this label change. When this option is selected, it means that the payment will be processed using the employee’s existing costing on the Department Budget Table and does not need to be provided on the form.... Read more about Modification to PeopleSoft Payline Transaction Form

Position Tracking is Live

October 17, 2019

Over the weekend of October 5-6th approximately 15,000 employees were moved into positions in PeopleSoft, Aurora and Wasabi. This includes all staff, including union positions, and some schools have elected to include other classes (ex. Faculty, Post Docs, Temps etc.) at this time. A complete listing of required employee classes by school / unit may be found on our...

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