HUBS Transition to SNOW

June 15, 2017

On July 3 HUBS is fully transitioning to Service Now, the University’s help desk system known as SNOW. This means all requests for a HUBS* service or HUBS help will be entered and managed in SNOW starting July 3, but the service and help will still be provided by the HUBS Team - Cindy, Sarah, Nancy, Veronica and Sandeep. Many HUBS users are already familiar with SNOW but there are changes to note. The full process will be documented and available in the HUBS Wiki as July 3rd nears but read on for some highlights of the process.

Today users either contact the HUBS Team or the University Help Desk as follows:

These methods will remain in place but on July 3 all users should begin to use the first option, sending an email to hubs@harvard.eduOn July 3 emails sent to will be entered automatically into SNOW and assigned to the HUBS Team, while calls and emails sent to the Help Desk must be reviewed by the Help Desk staff before they are assigned to a team. For urgent issues, however, users should continue to call the University Help Desk at 495-7777 for immediate assistance. Users can also call the Help Desk if they have a preference of speaking with someone instead of emailing.


After July 3 the biggest change for users may be learning how to work with emails about your request. For example, it is recommended that you do not copy anyone in your email requests to because if the copied individual replies to your email, a request will be created in SNOW for your issue but in their name – it will be a duplicate. Tips like this one and more will be available in the HUBS Wiki.


If you have any questions or concerns at this time please send an email to


* HUBS also includes Smart View, Interim Reporting, MYFP and TEFA


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