Upcoming April System Outages for Oracle Financials Systems - FINDINI 4.0.11 Release

March 16, 2017

Spring 2017 Oracle Financial Platform Improvement (OFPI) project release

This April 2017 FINDINI 4.0.11 release will be available to users on Wednesday April 26, 2017.

The main focus of this major OFPI release is the migration of the Solaris server based ‘Oracle EBS version 12.1.3 environment’ to the Linux server based ‘Amazon Web Services Cloud’. By executing HUIT and the University's goal of standing up the Oracle Financial software on cloud based technologies we will be delivering several benefits such as opportunities to reduce support costs, improved application performance, and adding much needed security and disaster recovery features by moving off of our current aging hardware. These updates to the Oracle Financials application and infrastructure stack will ensure it remains on versions supported by our vendors, and also helps to reduce the risk of hardware failure and system outage that exist today on our outdated servers. Our expiring 10gAS application server technology that several of our custom applications function on, such as PCARD and Web Reimbursement, and the current language that these functions are written, which are no longer viable or supportable, will also be updated and migrated to the AWS Cloud. Other Benefits of this project also include the establishment of a strategic vendor partnership with Fujitsu (third party Oracle Functional/Technical Vendor), who has been working with us to achieve our OFPI goals. This partnership can be leveraged in the future to better manage costs, and improve project and operational capacity. Fujitsu will also be helping us to develop an Automated Testing Framework using OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) which will be utilized for application functional/performance testing within this release and future projects/releases. This OATS tool will help to reduce future testing efforts, costs, and cycle times.

The key deliverables of the Oracle Financial Platform Improvement (OFPI) FINDINI 4.0.11 Release include:

  • Build out of the Non Production, Training, and Production Oracle Financial instances on the AWS Cloud
  • Migration of our existing on-premise Solaris server based infrastructure to the Linux based server infrastructure on the AWS Cloud
  • Upgrading the EBS database to version aligning with Oracle’s support requirements and readiness for future upgrades
  • Converting off of the end of life 10gAS standalone server to a weblogic application server and completing the custom application conversions to APEX for PCARD & Web Reimbursement. There will be some new looks and feels to PCARD & Web Reimbursement that will be illustrated below in the Training Tips section
  • Applying the standard software security patching, weblogic upgrading, and database upgrading in order to keep the EBS, CPATH, & OBI Replication systems up to date with many industry security regulations and requirements. These will include updates for PSU, CPU, JDK, JRE,   Weblogic middleware, & Linux Operating System patching
  • Rebuilding of the Golden Gate Replication process to acknowledge the source database that will now live in the Cloud (this will ensure data communication for OBI Reporting will continue)
  • Establishment of new URL's for application access, new connections for File Feeder & validation services, and overall connectivity to other applications, servers, and systems which Oracle Financials interacts with
  • Conversion from PGP to GPG encryption technology for our interface file processing
  • Conversion of our on-premise Maestro Scheduling process to handle all of the existing processes with Oracle Financials now on the Cloud
  • Upgrading the CPATH application to version 7.6.03 and maintaining the interfaces with Oracle Financials
  • Installation of OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) on the AWS Cloud and the development/execution of over 200 testing scripts
  • Successful testing cycles of all of the above including performance testing


The University's financial systems will be unavailable from Friday, April 21 at 6:00pm until Wednesday, April 26 9:00am to complete the installation of this release. The Oracle EBS Financial systems that will be offline during this time include Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable Adjustment Form for Assets, Accounts Receivable, Bottomline, CAPS, Cash Management (CMRA), Chart Security Maintenance Application (CSMA), CoA Validator, Collections, FedEx, General Ledger, GL Validator, Harvard Oracle Assets, HCOM, iProcurement, iReceivables, PCard, Vendor Request, Web ADI, and Web Reimbursement. Also, CPATH (Capital Planning at Harvard), HDW/CREW & OBI environments will also be offline during this outage. CPATH & HDW are also having a release during this same window. OBI/Replication will need a catch up period that will make some reports unavailable for the entire week of 4/24 and may also be referencing some stale data. Please note that the Oracle Financials nightly cycle will complete in full on the 21st before any migration work begins.

Pre prep work for this release will also result in some minor outages to Oracle Financials as follows:

  • March 11 6pm – March 12 6am
  • March 18 12am - March 18 12pm

Additional Release Details for FINDINI 4.0.11:

The FINDINI 4.0.11 release will include a JRE update to 1.8.0_121. When logging in for the first time after April 26, users will be required to download this updated Java JRE. If users receive a popup message that a more recent version is available, they should NOT act upon the request. The CADM HUIT End Point team will also be pushing the Java JRE 1.8.0_121 update to all HUIT supported users with LANDesk who currently have Java 1.8.0_102 beginning on 4/26. It is highly recommended that non supported HUIT schools do the same where possible after 4/26. This latest version of the JRE will better support the various available browsers that have been upgraded as well.

Important URL Access Information you need to know:

The Oracle EBS Financial system URL's will be changing and we will be working with the administrators of the http://finance.harvard.edu web pages to update the links as part of our cutover effort. As we get closer to our go live date in April, we will publish our new URL's for:

  • Oracle Applications Harvard Key Login Page
  • Chart Validator Page
  • GL Validate Servlet Page
  • Feeder File Validation Service

Important connection information related to Feeder Files you need to know:

Oracle Financials will be unavailable for imports/exports during the entire cutover/migration outage beginning April 21 6pm until functional health checks are complete and full system processes resume on Wednesday, April 26. AP, GL, & AR Feeder Files should not be generated during this period.

  • If you currently use fintest OID/LDAP alias to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Test database:  fintest is being replaced by finint
  • If you currently use finprod OID/LDAP alias to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Production database:  finprod will be staying the same
  • If you currently use apollo34.cadm.harvard.edu to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Test database:  apollo34.cadm.harvard.edu will be replaced by finint.huit.harvard.edu
  • If you currently use apollo36.cadm.harvard.edu to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Production database:  apollo36.cadm.harvard.edu will be replaced by finprod.huit.harvard.edu
  • If you currently use fintest.cadm.harvard.edu to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Test server:  fintest.cadm.harvard.edu is being replaced by finint.huit.harvard.edu
  • If you currently use finprod.cadm.harvard.edu to connect to the Oracle Financial’s Production server:  finprod.cadm.harvard.edu is being replace by finprod.huit.harvard.edu

We have already begun to communicate this Feeder File information to our main contacts throughout the University inviting them to test their updated connections and feeder files with us in our non-production environments in preparation of our go live. If you feel you have not been contacted for this feeder file prep pre-work, please contact Mary O'Brien & Christopher Rocco as soon as possible.

A summary of changes include:

Summary of Changes
Summary of Changes
Summary of Changes

Oracle Financials desktop standards can be found on site http://huit.harvard.edu/pages/computer-standards under the Enterprise Application Supported Desktop Configurations section. These desktop standards will be updated for this release.  Further helpful tips & release information can be found on site http://fss.finance.harvard.edu/popular-resources & http://oracle.fss.finance.harvard.edu/releases.

For questions please contact the HUIT Service Desk at ithelp@harvard.edu or call them at 5-7777.

FINDINI 4.0.11 Training Tips

User training tips will be included in the April eNews.