ROPPA Training Prerequisite

August 18, 2016

What is it?

  • On September 1, 2016, the University will implement a training prerequisite for certain new system roles
  • Training is required for users who are new to their jobs and getting system access for the first time, and for existing system users who take on a new system role (e.g., an HCOM shopper who becomes an Approver)
  • These users will be required to take the 20-minute online Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers (ROPPA) course and to get 70% or better on the course assessment before being granted systems access

If Your New Role Is…

Take the Following ROPPA Online Course Track…

HCOM Approvers


HCOM  Shoppers


HCOM  Preparers


Web Reimbursement


Web Reimbursement


PCard Reviewers


PCard Holders


Corporate Card Holders: the Purchaser’s track is recommended for Corporate Card Holders, but not required by University policy. The training prerequisite for Corporate Card holders is at each School’s discretion.

Concur: the ROPPA training is encouraged as part of each school/unit’s onboarding process

Where do I find the training?

Click here to go directly to the ROPPA online course; or go to: (type “ROPPA” in the search box in the upper right-hand corner and click the icon to search)

What do I do after I’ve taken the course?

  • Once you pass the assessment, download your course completion certificate
  • The certificate goes to your local authorized requestor, along with your supervisor’s request for your access
  • Authorized Requestors and supervisors: you can also confirm who has completed the course by running a WBT Completion Report in the Harvard Training Portal.  If you do not have access to the Harvard Training Portal’s analytics (reports) menu, please send an email to  In the e-mail, request the Data Extract role.

Who do I call with questions?

Contact your Tub Finance Office or Andrea Sexton in the Financial Policy Office at or 5-3976