HUBS News: An Enhancement and Outage Information

March 16, 2017


Each year the Q2 Forecast and Budget-Final data is pushed to Harvard’s Data Warehouse (HDW), around March and June, respectively.  The data is sent by month for each account string and it has been rounded to the nearest dollar.  Now, since February 28, the data is rounded to the nearest cent.  The following table is an example of how the data for one 33 digit string could look in HUBS, and then how it would look in the HDW before and after the enhancement.  One can see in the example that the enhancement provides for more precise totals in HDW reports and queries:

HUBS Release 3.8 is coming December 6th, includes workday outages

November 17, 2016

Release 3.8 is a maintenance release which includes an operating system upgrade and the latest system patches and updates. HUBS, which includes Smart View, will be unavailable all day on Thursday, December 1, until the start of business on Tuesday, December 6, for the installation of the release.  Due to the complex nature of the installation, a buffer has been built into the plan; should HUBS become available sooner than Tuesday morning an email will be sent to users notifying them that HUBS is available for their use.


August 18, 2016

The HUBS Team has been working closely with the Office of Financial Strategy & Planning to develop an on-line workbook for multi-year plans.  The design, development and testing phases for this initiative took place during the spring and summer months, resulting in a new workbook that was delivered to users this month.  The new workbook is a Smart View Planning workbook and it provides users with the option of uploading their data directly into the multi-year database in HUBS.  For more details about the multi-year effort please see the release notes at: 

HUBS Release 3.3

March 19, 2015

HUBS will be unavailable beginning at 8pm on Friday, March 20 until the start of business on Monday, March 23 for installation of Release 3.3.  While this release is mostly technical in nature, it includes a few user-facing enhancements. Please see the Release Notes for more information.


HUBS: Daily Refresh of Actuals, 5 Years Historical Actuals and More Chart of Account Detail

November 20, 2014

HUBS:  Daily Refresh of Actuals, 5 Years Historical Actuals and More Chart of Account Detail

This month the HUBS Team released new reporting applications for all schools and central units. The applications were made available to individuals with the role of Tub Finance Office in HUBS and to all Smart View users on November 10th.  All other users will have access on Monday, November 24th.